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One of the most popular areas of Södermalm are the blocks around Mariatorget Square. You will find restaurants and stores on the streets of St Paulsgatan, Krukmakargatan, Hornsgatan and Swedenborgsgatan, which form the charming square of Mariatorget.

At Mariatorget you also find Hotel Rival – a small, privately owned hotel. The owner? No one else than Benny Andersson from ABBA.  Hotel Rival has become very popular with the Stockholmers and it also houses a bistro with a bar, a cocktail bar in art deco style, and a immensely popular café.


“Overlooking a leafy square in the bohemian Södermalm district, this hotel, owned by ABBA’s Benny Andersson, is also flush with character. Among its features are blow-ups of Swedish film stills above the headboards, so you can drift off to sleep under the disdainful eye of Greta Garbo.” Conde Nast Traveller (UK), December 2012

Speaking of ABBA, have you heard that ABBA The Museum is opening in Stockholm in May?


From June 15 to September 22, 2013, Arkitekturmuseet will present THE FASHION WORLD OF JEAN PAUL GAULTIER: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, the first international exhibition devoted to the celebrated French couturier.

Lena Rahoult, Director of The Swedish Museum of Architecture, comments:

“A classic always has its appointed place. Jean Paul Gaultier’s popular touch, unconstrained and exuberant creativity convey a very forceful message to society. An inspiring world in which everyone can assert their own identity, unimpeded by discrimination and prejudice. We are proud to be able to invite visitors to a fashion exhibition that is a natural part of the museum’s design mission”.


There’s a lot of things going on this week, all in the spirit of Pink Christmas!

Rainbow Mass, Pink Chanukah, Mixed Leather Xmas…

Download the program for Pink Christmas>>

© Christer Strömholm/BVS
Ten years after Christer Strömholm’s death, Fotografiska presents the exhibition CHR. The exhibition is a comprehensive retrospective of Christer Strömholm’s oeuvre consisting of over 150 photographs, including his classic images as well as works that have never been exhibited before, in addition to archival materials, objects, films, and sound recordings.

Strömholm is currently represented in several museums around the world such as MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and ICP in New York as well as the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

See the exhibition at Fotografiska, August 24 – November 25, 2012.

Skogskyrkogården, The Woodland Cemetary
Around All Saints’ Day, thousands of people visit the Woodland Cemetery (Skogskyrkogården) in Stockholm. The national holiday is celebrated with candles. Lots and lots of candles. Do not miss a visit to The Woodland Cemetery if you’re in Stockholm around November 3rd.

When The Woodland Cemetery, Skogskyrkogården, was founded at the beginning of the 1900s, the aim was to create something special, something original – a cemetery blending nature and architecture into a seamless whole.

Skogskyrkogården, The Woodland Cemetary

Today, The Woodland Cemetery (Skogskyrkogården) is considered one of the most important creations of modern architecture, and is even inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Skogskyrkogården, The Woodland Cemetary

Björn Ulvaeus, original ABBA member, at the press conference earlier today.

At last, ABBA the museum opens in Stockholm!

Björn Ulvaeus, member of the iconic 70’s pop group ABBA, announced at a press conference on Wednesday that ABBA The Museum will open in April/May 2013. The new museum will be integrated with the previously announced Swedish Music Hall of Fame on the island of Djurgården, Stockholm.

The great search for all things related to ABBA’s music, lyrics, stage costumes, musicals and films has gone on for quite some time. And Swedish Music Hall of Fame provides the perfect framework for it, says original ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus.

Stockholm is an eclectic blend of ultra-modern and medieval, offering everything from contemporary art and photography to the unique Vasa Museum, home of the 17th century Royal warship that sank on its maiden voyage.

We have gathered some suggestions on what to do in Stockholm. Check them out>>


September 21 2012 to March 31 2013

Chi Peng - Sprinting Forward

Featuring internationally renowned Chinese artists such as Ma Liuming, Gao Brothers, Chi Peng, and Zhang Yuan, the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities will be opening an exhibition this autumn on the theme of taboo love: Secret Love. This is the first ever major exhibition of contemporary art on this subject. The exhibition includes around 100 works by more than twenty Chinese artists, who are united in their desire to express subjects – such as identity, norms and sexuality – that are sensitive in China.

  Photo: Ren Hang 

Chinese society is experiencing rapid changes, resulting in shifting views on sexuality and identity. This change is particularly evident when it comes to LGBTQ people. Homosexuality was decriminalised in 1997 and since 2000 has no longer been regarded as a mental illness, but many taboos remain. The internet and a more open society have brought greater awareness of individual rights. Discover modern China, where art and visual culture contribute towards increased consciousness and dialogue in the fight against prejudices. With this exhibition, the museum aims to show the force behind the current changes within Chinese society, and what this means to the individual. Secret Love is a thrilling encounter with Chinese contemporary art, with an unprecedented scale and scope in terms of this theme.


September 21 2012 to March 31 2013

Glamorous gowns and servants dresses from the British hit series Downton Abbey are featuring in the upcoming exhibition “Costumes from Downton”. 

The award-winning costume drama Downton Abbey has increased the interest in the life lived in castles and manor houses in the last century.

– We receive many comments on our guided tours that the Hallwyl House and its history are reminiscent of the series Downton Abbey, says Samuel Norrby at the Hallwyl Museum. Therefore we got the idea to investigate whether it was possible to make an exhibition with the costumes from the popular series. After some detective work we managed to establish the right contacts. It is particularly gratifying because we are the first museum outside of the UK showing the costumes.

The Hallwyl museum represent the same era as Downton Abbey portrays. The TV-series fictional household has many similarities to the Hallwyl home at the time when the family was still living there. The exhibition highlights the lifestyle of the upper classes during the early 1900s and the relations between “upstairs and downstairs”. A theme also portrayed in the museum’s popular dramatized tours.

The costumes exhibited are mainly from the first season of Downton Abbey. Downton Abbeys costume designer Susannah Buxton is described as a sculptress-in-cloth. During the show’s first season, set from 1912 until 1914, Buxton dreamed up dazzling Edwardian frocks — replete with corsets and elbow-length gloves — for the aristocratic Crawley family, and simpler dresses and aprons for their many maids.

Read more at the Hallwyl Museum>>

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