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New Year’s Eve is a magical night no matter where in the world you are and Stockholm is no exception. The city is usually covered with glittering snow and the pitch black winter night sky makes for a perfect backdrop for fireworks.

Will you celebrate New Year’s Eve in Stockholm? These are the locations where you want to be standing at midnight to see the city erupt with fireworks.

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the Fireworks in Stockholm on New Year®s Eve! Here are our top tips on where to go 😉


There’s a lot of things going on this week, all in the spirit of Pink Christmas!

Rainbow Mass, Pink Chanukah, Mixed Leather Xmas…

Download the program for Pink Christmas>>

World AIDS Day is held on December 1st each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died.

In Stockholm the World AIDS Day Gala has been arranged annually since 2007. This year the gala will be held on December 3rd at Kolingsborg.

Experience a different and unforgettable night with great food and a spectacular show! Performances by some of the best artists  in Sweden. And the best part, you’ll be a part of fighting HIV.

Buy your ticket here>> 

In a city built on the water, there are naturally many spa and recreational opportunities. Visit Sturebadet and you’ll enjoy a luxury spa milieu from the 1800s with pool, exercise equipment, and spa treatments from head to toe. Sturebadet is situated in the shopping galleria Sturegallerian in the very centre of Stockholm.

When visiting Stockholm you have to take a “fika”. With other words, take a coffee and something sweet. All swedes fikar. Often two times a day – for example many workplaces have fika around 10 am and 15 pm and if you’re not a part of it you’re gonna get questions about your whereabouts at the time. And when you do fika, take the chance to have an innocent fikaflirt with someone from the staff -’cause there’s nothing like having a flirt to your coffee.

Gamla Enskede Bageri: My favorite fikaplace and so worth the trip by subway to the station “Sandsborg”, 15 minutes outside the centre of Stockholm. They do their own bakery, has a wall filled with different sorts of tea and coffee and a fikaenvoriment to die for.

Chokladkoppen: Stockholms most popular LGBT-coffee shop. Their chocolate is a well-known fact among the citizens and they also have a small selection of scrumptious patisseries. If you prefer a selection of scrumptious men you’ll get that also within the staff.

Winterviken: Isn’t just a great place to work on your tan and take a swim among the rocks, it’s has also a marvelous cafĂ© where you can take your fika for the day.

Ett skafferi: Is placed in “Midsommarkransen” that’s known for having dykes living in every street corner. So if you’re the type that prefers combining pleasure with pleasure this is the place to hang around.

You shouldn’t do this if: You prefer the big all-the-same-coffee-house-chains like Starbucks and WayneÂŽs Coffee
You should do this if: You would like to do something typical swedish.

I’ve blogged long enough now for you guys to get my “Things to do in Stockholm on a sunny-/rainy- day and In between” thing, so from now on I’ll skip the “In Stockholm” part in the headlines and keep it more simple and short. Part 4 of “Things to do on a sunny day” – is ice-cream. A summer without ice-cream can’t really be called real summer.

I’ve picked four special ice-cream vendors in Stockholm. “Galna Glassen” in Liljeholmen, in english “The crazy ice-cream”, truly lives up to its name. Step 1: Pick your ice-cream flavor. Step 2: Pick your extras – you can choose between different cookies, candies, nuts or even add a chocolate ball. Step 3: In this last step you have to choose your ice-cream sauce. Be prepared, you will have problems choosing between all good stuff, the offering is huge! When you feel pleased with all your choices the staff  will mix everything together on a cooled marble top and then hand you a fun and crazy ice-cream just the way you wanted it.

Three other places you can’t miss:
18 smaker” (18 flavors) on Mariatorget. Here your ice-cream tastes just as the flavor you’ve ordered, not a trace of artificial tastes.
“Gubbens glass” (The old mans ice-cream) is one of Stockholms most popular ice-cream shops placed at the popular square Nytorget. When the weather is really good you’ll might have to stand in line for half an hour to get your ice-cream here.

If you prefer not to stand in line, walk 30 meters, take a visit to “Urban Deli”, buy a pint of high quality ice-cream and share it with someone special in the park just outside.

You shouldn’t do this if: You hate ice-cream. It’s as simple as that.
You should do this if: You love ice-cream. Just as simple as the previous one.

This is a have to. The Garden of Rosendal (in swedish Rosendals TrÀdgÄrd) is the place where you can pick and buy herbs and flowers in the green houses and gardens. Take a coffee or something to eat under the apple trees that later on becomes homemade apple pies and swedish Àppelmust (apple cider). Work on your suntan laying on the big lawn. Bring your first date here on a romantic picnic. Propose to the greatest love of all surrounded by thousand of flowers. Or enjoy the company of yourself while taking a walk in one of Stockholms most beautiful environments.

You shouldnÂŽt do this if: You have pollen allergy and arenÂŽt prepared to sneeze.
You should do this if: You would like to have an experience out of this world.

Well, thereÂŽs one thing thatÂŽs almost a requirement when it comes to things you have to do on a sunny day in Stockholm – visit some of our best places for swimming and getting a tan.

LÄngholmen. A small beach at Södermalm. LGBT-friendly and also kids-friendly.

Vinterviken. Beautiful rocks and freezing waters. Great small cozy restaurants and itŽs all heaven for  a LGBT-person.

FredhÀll. Rocks, rocks, rocks. If you donŽt like kids that much this is the place to be.

HellasgÄrden. Here you can find it all. Water, miniature golf, café, beach volleyball and rooms for rent. A have to when in Stockholm.

You shouldn’t do this if: You think showing skin is a sin.
You should do this if: You think sin is a good thing.

Time for step 2 in my “Things to do” guide. I promised you yesterday that I would give you my favorite places and tell you what you donÂŽt want to miss and today I can present a must do for a sunny day. I personally love to watch people (in the non freaky way). I love how people lights up during spring and summer and itÂŽs like watching people melting after a long and dark winter. So my tip for today is KungstrĂ€dgĂ„rden. In the centre of Stockholm lays this fab place where people of all ages are playing street chess, eating ice-cream or just  enjoying life watching people stroll by.

KungstrĂ€dgĂ„rden is a place we’re festivals, markets and other happenings takes place all year around. Stockholm Pride for example was held in KungstrĂ€dgĂ„rden last year. In summer there are several music festivals you can take part in free of charge. If you visit this place in the winter you shouldnÂŽt miss the opportunity to do some ice-skating in this truly beautiful and romantic spot in the middle of the city.

You shouldnÂŽt do this if: Just the thought of people everywhere gives you a rash.
You should do this if: You dare to ask a stranger out on a date.












As a substitute blogger while the others are enjoying the term know as “vacation” IÂŽve decided to give you my favorite places and things you definitely donÂŽt want to miss during your stay here. All under the headlines of “Things do in Stockholm on a rainy day”, “Things to do in Stockholm on a sunny day” and “Things to do In-between”.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do one of my rainy-day parts. The weather sucked to be frank. So I put on my rubber boots and placed my butt on the boat from Slussen to DjurgĂ„rden to visit “Aquaria“. Aquaria is a water museum in Stockholm where you can experience a walk through a humid rainforest full of deadly fish (keep your hands far away from the water) as well as the cutest characters from the movie “Finding Nemo” hiding in the dazzling coral reefs. If the weather is good, stay and take a coffee while enjoying the beautiful view over Stockholm waters.

You shouldÂŽt do this if: You hate having kids around.

You should to this if: You think parenting is the same as super sexy.


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