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World AIDS Day is held on December 1st each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died.

In Stockholm the World AIDS Day Gala has been arranged annually since 2007. This year the gala will be held on December 3rd at Kolingsborg.

Experience a different and unforgettable night with great food and a spectacular show! Performances by some of the best artists  in Sweden. And the best part, you’ll be a part of fighting HIV.

Buy your ticket here>> 

Candle Byredo Svenskt Tenn

Good news! Svenskt Tenn and BYREDO are working together for the first time in an exclusive collaboration, united in their love for craftsmanship and quality. On the basis of Svenskt Tenn´s history, BYREDO has developed three fragrances that echoes a time past.  All comes with a unique lid designed by Jakob Solgren.

Byredo Ben Gorham

Ben Gorham, founder of Byredo

Byredo – Exclusive Swedish perfume house whose products are as beautiful to look at as they are fragrant. Byredo has had several intriguing collaborations, including the scent they developed for the Swedish clothing brand Acne. In addition to perfume, the line includes soaps, skincare products, and scented candles.

Svenskt Tenn – The timeless, amazingly patterned and brilliantly colored fabrics and beautiful furniture by Josef Frank inspire people to make a pilgrimage to the store. Strandvägen 5, Stockholm.

When Pam was in Stockholm a while ago she joined the SAS crew for a day to try to learn about service…

Sound of Stockholm 2012

The Sound of Stockholm festival will for the third year running present the newest Swedish and international art music at the Stockholm Cultural Center (Kulturhuset) from November 20–24.

The festival was established in 2010 and was immediately a huge success. The five-day event allowed audiences to experience the independent musical life of Stockholm from its different venues: electroacoustic music, manga opera, baby rave, Hörspiele, choir concerts, intermedia art, seminars, experimental music, notated art music, and unique world premieres presented an idea of how Stockholm can sound.

This year you’ll get the chance to see the British electronic musician, installation artist, and designer Mark Fell; the American-Chinese cellist Audrey Chen; the New European Ensemble from Holland together with the Swedish percussion ensemble Kroumata and many, many more.


Leo Correia de Verdier is one of the world’s foremost sewing machine players, trained at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Leo will also perform at the Sound of Stockholm festival. 

Out100: Steven Kolb, Antonio Azzuolo, Efva Attling, Alejandro Ingelmo, Philip Crangi.

Look who made it to the OUT100 list! It’s the Swedish jewelry designer Efva Attling.

“Former model and rocker Efva Attling hasn’t given up the limelight just yet. The Swedish-born jewelry designer, who has logged time at H&M and Levi’s, stays plenty current with her stunning, irreverent line of jewelry, which is a favorite for boldfaced names including Madonna and Uma Thurman.” – Out Magazine.

Efva Attling is the leading jewelry designer of Scandinavia. Attling’s feel-good line is the epitome of statement jewelry. She calls it: beauty with a thought.

The Stockholm Film Festival is a dream come true for all cinema fans, and one of the leading film festivals in Europe. Hundreds of movies from all around the world are presented in different cinemas around Stockholm for a period of twelve days.

Here’s a selection of the LGBT movies that will be showing.

“Based on real newspaper headlines of violent demonstrations against homosexuals in Serbia, »The Parade« tells the story of Mirko – wedding planner by trade, gay activist at heart – and his struggle to arrange the first Pride Parade of Belgrade. Discouraged by a corrupt police force and going against his boyfriend’s sound advice, Mirko turns to a middle-aged gangster named Lemon for help. Surprisingly enough, homophobic ex- criminal Lemon ends up giving his outmost to protect gay rights, but the question remains: will this odd couple be able make Belgrade’s first Pride Parade happen?” Read more>>

“Amidst the rough and tumble quasi-gangster existence displayed in this dramatic debut of Welsh-Egyptian writer and director Sally El Hosaini, there are few taboos. However, while casually exposing the world of money, drugs and violence that is so inherent to the urban struggle, there is one last outpost of unthinkable offense – Muslim homosexuality.Read more>>

“On a night out with friends with some heavy drinking, the rather inexperienced Paulo ends up in bed with male bartender Ilir, and what seems at first to be an innocent night of romance becomes increasingly serious. When Paulo’s girlfriend finds out about his nightly endeavors, she throws him out on the street. Soon, whilst at the peak of their mutual attraction, Paulo and Ilir make a somewhat premature agreement to move in together. As the story unfolds, Ilir suddenly disappears after leaving town for the weekend, and Paulo soon discovers that Ilir is serving 18 months in prison for hash possession, further stirring up the stormy nature of their already adventurous relationship.” Read more>>

“This comedy revolves around two Cantonese friends, Dennis and Aggie, who have known each other since primary school. Already as youngsters, they knew that he was gay and she a lesbian, though for Dennis love for someone has always felt more important than sexual preferences. Years of friendship have created a strong bond between Dennis and Aggie, a bond that will be tested in many ways.” Read more>>

“Director Jeffry Schwarz leaves no stone unturned in this biographical documentary detailing the life of leading gay activist and LGBT film historian Vito Russo. We get to follow him from his involvement in the Stonewall riots of 1969 at the age of 23 to his rise as one of the founding members of GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).” Read more>>

“Young Noor decides to break free from life with the Khusras, the Pakistani transgender community, after being forced to undergo castration and dance for money. As Noor starts to live life like a man, he takes on a common Pakistani job as a truck decorator and spends most of his spare time looking for a woman who will accept him the way he is.” Read more>>

Stockholm International Film Festival
November 7-18 2012

Great news! Stockholm, Sweden has been nominated for World Style Capital in the NewNowNext Traveler’s Choice Awards! have spent the year hunting high and low for the absolute hottest destinations, hotels, bars and everything else in the world of travel.

Vote now! If you like Stockholm and think it’s the World Style Capital, please cast your vote at
Results will be announced in early December.

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