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Glamorous gowns and servants dresses from the British hit series Downton Abbey are featuring in the upcoming exhibition “Costumes from Downton”. 

The award-winning costume drama Downton Abbey has increased the interest in the life lived in castles and manor houses in the last century.

– We receive many comments on our guided tours that the Hallwyl House and its history are reminiscent of the series Downton Abbey, says Samuel Norrby at the Hallwyl Museum. Therefore we got the idea to investigate whether it was possible to make an exhibition with the costumes from the popular series. After some detective work we managed to establish the right contacts. It is particularly gratifying because we are the first museum outside of the UK showing the costumes.

The Hallwyl museum represent the same era as Downton Abbey portrays. The TV-series fictional household has many similarities to the Hallwyl home at the time when the family was still living there. The exhibition highlights the lifestyle of the upper classes during the early 1900s and the relations between “upstairs and downstairs”. A theme also portrayed in the museum’s popular dramatized tours.

The costumes exhibited are mainly from the first season of Downton Abbey. Downton Abbeys costume designer Susannah Buxton is described as a sculptress-in-cloth. During the show’s first season, set from 1912 until 1914, Buxton dreamed up dazzling Edwardian frocks — replete with corsets and elbow-length gloves — for the aristocratic Crawley family, and simpler dresses and aprons for their many maids.

Read more at the Hallwyl Museum>>

BODY WORLDS show organ and whole, real bodies, donated by people who wanted to help raise awareness of the body, anatomy and health.

More than 34 million people around the world have been amazed and fascinated by the human bodies in the unique BODY WORLDS exhibition. Now the exhibition isv presented in Sweden for the first time, at Tom Tits in Södertälje.

20 July to 25 November 2012.

For the third time, Lily DeLuxe, one of Sweden’s foremost burlesque artists creates the festival “Burleskapader”. This year in collaboration with Södra Teatern. On the 1st of September she will present a cavalcade of Swedish Burlesque artists, with the aim to show the power of the scene. Do not miss the preparty in Södra Bar the night before.

The festival, called Burleskapader, contains a 2 hrs show with Swedish burlesque- and variety artists. The Opera diva and electro queen Babie Kajsa, der blumchen aus Schweden, will take you through the evening and let you meet a tassel-twirling Master, a juggler, Little Red Riding Hood, The Royal Roses, an Elf and many many more.

-You can’t beat the combination of creativity, the sensuality, the glimpse in the eye. To me it’s all about the magic between the audience and the stage, the thrill in the moment when the audience just believes that they have everything under control but knows that something is going to happen, and then you just surprise them with a twist or turn that they didn’t expect, says Lily DeLuxe.

What? Burleskapader – Sweden’s first Burlesque Festival

Where? Södra Teatern, Kägelbanan, Mosebacke Torg 1, T Slussen

When? 1st of Sept 7:00 pm -01:00 am

Open preparty in Södra Bar, Södra Teatern, 31st of August 7:00 -9:00 pm

Lily DeLuxe>>

Photo: Nhu Duong, Leila Hekmat

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week closes on Wednesday August 29 with this summer’s most glamorous fashion event, Fashion Night. Mingle among the fashion people and enjoy exclusive offers on the coming season’s new items. You do not want to miss this!

A collection of Sweden’s foremost designers invite you to come and have a look at this fall’s trends and new arrivals, mingle, get exclusive offers and attend a range of different activities throughout the evening. The evening is arranged together with the shops of Bibliotekstan and Sturegallerian. This year Fashion Night has more participating stores than ever!

Fashion Night stores of Bibliotekstan and Sturegallerian are open between 5 PM and 10 PM.

Tomorrow it’s time for the popular returning indie music festival at Eriksdalsbadet, Södermalm. 20 acts will perform  and you’ll also get to see men and women do synchronized swimming both of the days.

The line up includes Damien Rice (IE), Patrick Wolf (UK), Major Lazer (US), Deportees (SE), Little Dragon (SE) and Icona Pop (SE).

When visiting Stockholm you have to take a “fika”. With other words, take a coffee and something sweet. All swedes fikar. Often two times a day – for example many workplaces have fika around 10 am and 15 pm and if you’re not a part of it you’re gonna get questions about your whereabouts at the time. And when you do fika, take the chance to have an innocent fikaflirt with someone from the staff -’cause there’s nothing like having a flirt to your coffee.

Gamla Enskede Bageri: My favorite fikaplace and so worth the trip by subway to the station “Sandsborg”, 15 minutes outside the centre of Stockholm. They do their own bakery, has a wall filled with different sorts of tea and coffee and a fikaenvoriment to die for.

Chokladkoppen: Stockholms most popular LGBT-coffee shop. Their chocolate is a well-known fact among the citizens and they also have a small selection of scrumptious patisseries. If you prefer a selection of scrumptious men you’ll get that also within the staff.

Winterviken: Isn’t just a great place to work on your tan and take a swim among the rocks, it’s has also a marvelous café where you can take your fika for the day.

Ett skafferi: Is placed in “Midsommarkransen” that’s known for having dykes living in every street corner. So if you’re the type that prefers combining pleasure with pleasure this is the place to hang around.

You shouldn’t do this if: You prefer the big all-the-same-coffee-house-chains like Starbucks and Wayne´s Coffee
You should do this if: You would like to do something typical swedish.

Today I’m gonna present a couple of golden spots in Stockholm when it comes to shopping second hand and vintage. So on the days when the sun has decided to take a pause and you’re tired of hanging around in different museums, this is one of the best ways to spend your hours in the capital of Sweden.

Dusty Deco: Has some of the coolest vintage stuff you can find. The owner travels around the world to find just the typical Dusty Deco-items and some of the items you won’t find anywhere else in Stockholm. The staff is super nice and helpful and if you’re looking for some special item that they don’t have, ask them if they can help you – cause if it’s possible to find, they’ll find it for you.

Grandpa: Here you find the dream combination of fashion, furniture and home styling. Take a visit to both their shops in Stockholm so that you don’t miss the opportunity to own a original item in your home.

Brandstationen: This old fire station is now one of the hottest vintage spots in Stockholm.

Gamla lampor: The store name “Old lamps” says it all. Here you can find hundreds of different lamps in retro and vintage style. A must on your shopping tour.

Myrorna: This is the second hand shop that is filled with junk but where you might find the steal of the day if your looking hard enough. Don’t feel like you’ve shopped to much. Myrornas profit goes directly to charity.

You shouldn’t do this if: You don’t like the smell of used things.
You should do this if: You would like your home to look like the inside of an interior magazine.

I’ve blogged long enough now for you guys to get my “Things to do in Stockholm on a sunny-/rainy- day and In between” thing, so from now on I’ll skip the “In Stockholm” part in the headlines and keep it more simple and short. Part 4 of “Things to do on a sunny day” – is ice-cream. A summer without ice-cream can’t really be called real summer.

I’ve picked four special ice-cream vendors in Stockholm. “Galna Glassen” in Liljeholmen, in english “The crazy ice-cream”, truly lives up to its name. Step 1: Pick your ice-cream flavor. Step 2: Pick your extras – you can choose between different cookies, candies, nuts or even add a chocolate ball. Step 3: In this last step you have to choose your ice-cream sauce. Be prepared, you will have problems choosing between all good stuff, the offering is huge! When you feel pleased with all your choices the staff  will mix everything together on a cooled marble top and then hand you a fun and crazy ice-cream just the way you wanted it.

Three other places you can’t miss:
18 smaker” (18 flavors) on Mariatorget. Here your ice-cream tastes just as the flavor you’ve ordered, not a trace of artificial tastes.
“Gubbens glass” (The old mans ice-cream) is one of Stockholms most popular ice-cream shops placed at the popular square Nytorget. When the weather is really good you’ll might have to stand in line for half an hour to get your ice-cream here.

If you prefer not to stand in line, walk 30 meters, take a visit to “Urban Deli”, buy a pint of high quality ice-cream and share it with someone special in the park just outside.

You shouldn’t do this if: You hate ice-cream. It’s as simple as that.
You should do this if: You love ice-cream. Just as simple as the previous one.

This is a have to. The Garden of Rosendal (in swedish Rosendals Trädgård) is the place where you can pick and buy herbs and flowers in the green houses and gardens. Take a coffee or something to eat under the apple trees that later on becomes homemade apple pies and swedish äppelmust (apple cider). Work on your suntan laying on the big lawn. Bring your first date here on a romantic picnic. Propose to the greatest love of all surrounded by thousand of flowers. Or enjoy the company of yourself while taking a walk in one of Stockholms most beautiful environments.

You shouldn´t do this if: You have pollen allergy and aren´t prepared to sneeze.
You should do this if: You would like to have an experience out of this world.

Swedish popsensation Eric Saade will perform at Stockholm Pride tonight!

Eric Saade is doing his only concert in Sweden this summer at Parkscenen in Pride Park, Tantolunden in Stockholm, Friday, August 3rd at 22:00.

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