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KPMG, IKEA, Microsoft, Swedbank and DSB are among the participating companies that see a good business case in developing equality strategies for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. They will all meet at a new workplace forum in Stockholm this August.

“Equality is often defined as treating everyone the same. We believe that true equality means treating everyone differently in order to treat them the same. Hence, equality at Swedbank is about assuring equal rights and opportunities for all. Diversity for us is about recognizing, valuing and taking account of people’s different backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and experiences, and encouraging and using those differences to create an open, caring and simple work environment and customer service.”

– Amanda Jackson, Group Specialist Human Rights and Corporate Sustainability, Swedbank.

The Nordic LGBT Workplace Forum & Career Fair will bring together businesses, NGOs and government organisations to discuss strategies for development of LGBT workplace equality in the Nordic countries.  The event is to take place 2-3 August in Stockholm, during the Stockholm Pride week.

Tomorrow Tuesday is THE day for LGBT-lovers and persons. Stockholm Pride kicks off for five amazing days filled with artists, seminars, parties, dumping lover(s) and finding new one(s) during this 120 hour of craziness. If you´re a party person I’ll give you a hint of where to do this – if not you can find the full festival program here.

Club Proud will have it’s première on Stockholm Pride on Tuesday and will give you one party every night during Pride with different music orientation each night. Club Proud is not only here during Stockholm Pride,  it´s a club here to stay – so take the chance to dance your shoes of to great DJ:s when in Stockholm.

On Friday 3/8 all you girls should visit the MOXY-party. The MOXY-parties is know for having the hottest and most talented DJ:s, the best party feeling as well as great serving staff (hot as well of course). This Friday they will give you two dance floors, filled with the latest hits and schlagers (swedish term for our version of Eurovision) and a big terraces outside where you can combine catching some air while enjoying your drink to house and R´n´B music.

For those of you that think competing in looks is the shit you can enjoy gorgeous men on Friday at Mr Gay Sweden at Hamburgerbörs, Jakobsbergsgatan 6, and the female version Miss Gay Sweden on Saturday at Club Proud.

If would would like to pre-party you can’t miss Mälarpaviljongen that has one of Stockholm’s most beautiful view combined with great food and maybe the most important ting – hot LGBT-persons in every corner.

You shouldn’t do this if: You can’t stand people in a good mood.
You should do this if: You look the hottest on a dance floor.

Well, there´s one thing that´s almost a requirement when it comes to things you have to do on a sunny day in Stockholm – visit some of our best places for swimming and getting a tan.

Långholmen. A small beach at Södermalm. LGBT-friendly and also kids-friendly.

Vinterviken. Beautiful rocks and freezing waters. Great small cozy restaurants and it´s all heaven for  a LGBT-person.

Fredhäll. Rocks, rocks, rocks. If you don´t like kids that much this is the place to be.

Hellasgården. Here you can find it all. Water, miniature golf, café, beach volleyball and rooms for rent. A have to when in Stockholm.

You shouldn’t do this if: You think showing skin is a sin.
You should do this if: You think sin is a good thing.

Time for step 2 in my “Things to do” guide. I promised you yesterday that I would give you my favorite places and tell you what you don´t want to miss and today I can present a must do for a sunny day. I personally love to watch people (in the non freaky way). I love how people lights up during spring and summer and it´s like watching people melting after a long and dark winter. So my tip for today is Kungsträdgården. In the centre of Stockholm lays this fab place where people of all ages are playing street chess, eating ice-cream or just  enjoying life watching people stroll by.

Kungsträdgården is a place we’re festivals, markets and other happenings takes place all year around. Stockholm Pride for example was held in Kungsträdgården last year. In summer there are several music festivals you can take part in free of charge. If you visit this place in the winter you shouldn´t miss the opportunity to do some ice-skating in this truly beautiful and romantic spot in the middle of the city.

You shouldn´t do this if: Just the thought of people everywhere gives you a rash.
You should do this if: You dare to ask a stranger out on a date.












As a substitute blogger while the others are enjoying the term know as “vacation” I´ve decided to give you my favorite places and things you definitely don´t want to miss during your stay here. All under the headlines of “Things do in Stockholm on a rainy day”, “Things to do in Stockholm on a sunny day” and “Things to do In-between”.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do one of my rainy-day parts. The weather sucked to be frank. So I put on my rubber boots and placed my butt on the boat from Slussen to Djurgården to visit “Aquaria“. Aquaria is a water museum in Stockholm where you can experience a walk through a humid rainforest full of deadly fish (keep your hands far away from the water) as well as the cutest characters from the movie “Finding Nemo” hiding in the dazzling coral reefs. If the weather is good, stay and take a coffee while enjoying the beautiful view over Stockholm waters.

You should´t do this if: You hate having kids around.

You should to this if: You think parenting is the same as super sexy.


PitStop Hilton - med DJ Karl Batterbee

When you are ready to leave the pride park but still think it’s too early to go to any of the clubs, here’s the place for you!

On Wednesday August 1st during Stockholm Pride, Hilton invites you to enjoy good music by DJ Karl Batterbee and a special drink called “Bee on the Rocks”.

Free entrance! The location of Hilton is fantastic – it’s only 100 m to Kolingsborg and the nightclub Stockholm Night Fever 🙂
Attend the event on Facebook>>

With our special Stockholm Pride offer you get a 100 SEK discount when you buy a ticket valid for the whole Pride week. Use this link to book the offer>>

Why Stockholm Pride?
More than half a million people and a dead king can’t be wrong: Stockholm Pride is a perfect celebration of gay culture!

The festivals mix of party, politics and culture turns this summer hot capital into a bustling city painted in the colours of the rainbow flag. Since it was first held in 1998, Stockholm Pride has grown to become Stockholm’s largest annual festival, as well as the largest Pride celebration in Scandinavia.

The week-long festival culminates in the annual Stockholm Pride parade with about 50,000 participants and more than 500,000 spectators who gather to watch the procession of Viking Bears and butches, boy toys and drag queens, gay Christians and gay policemen … you name it!

And the aforementioned dead king? Well, the extravagant king Gustav III (1746-1792) would have loved the parade, which is why it stops at his statue, located below the Royal Palace, and lays a wreath of flowers at his feet.

Stockholm Pride July 31 – August 4

Jedward Agnes

Stockholm Pride is coming up! The list of artists is still growing and the latest addition is Jedward who recently sang for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest. There is also the international comedienne Margaret Cho, Swedish pop star Agnes, popsensation Eric Saade and many more.

Eric SaadeMargaret Cho
Stockholm Pride, July 31-August 4.


“At Clarion Hotel Stockholm we love art so much that from the 8th of June 2012, artists can pay for their hotel stay with art. It’s all really very simple: An artwork – a room – one night.” How great is that?!

The tradition to let artists pay with art at hotels and restaurants has headed in the direction of extinction. A couple of months ago, the Chelsea Hotel closed and here in Sweden it hasn’t even been possible to pay with art. Ever.

“My dad was one of the artists who in the 70’s paid for his hotel room in New York – with art. To see my dad’s pieces hang next to famous artists at the Chelsea Hotel really made an impact on me. Now that the historic Chelsea Hotel has closed for an unknown period of time I thought it was obvious that we at Clarion Hotel Stockholm should do something about this. After all, we are already a significant art hotel.” Marcus Majewski, General Manager, Clarion Hotel Stockholm.

More than 34 million people around the world have been amazed and fascinated by the human bodies in the unique BODY WORLDS exhibition – Your amazing body and the love of life. The exhibition provides you with incredible insight into yourself.

Now, for the very first time, you have the chance to see the exhibition in Sweden. The exhibition is shown Tom Tits Experiment in Södertälje, 36 km south of Stockholm.

Featuring a unique collection of over 200 authentic human specimerns including whole-body plastinates, organs and tranlucent body slices, this BODY WORLDS exhibition highlights the cardiovascular system and the heart. This exhibition shows the fascinating world under our skin, and without beeing an expert in anatomy or medicin, we get a stronger sense of what the human body is made of and what effect our daily lifestyle has on our body.

Tom Tits Experiment, Södertälje. Body Worlds, 20 July to 25 November 2012.
Admission SEK 189. 10% discount with the Pride dog tag during Stockholm Pride.

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