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Stockholm Pride Festival

Read this beautiful article on Stockholm. Written by Mark Thompson, Style & Travel Editor for EDGE.

“Beauty has been, for years, synonymous with Sweden. After all, this is the country that conquered the world with their Nordic models, clothed the globe in H&M fashions, furnished our homes in Ikea – and drowned the world in Absolut. In other words, Swedish beauty conquers all.

Stockholm, one of the world’s most beautiful capitals, is often considered the “Venice of the North” – and to find yourself in the Swedish capital in the midst of Stockholm Pride, the largest LGBT Pride festival in Scandinavia, is to be nearly dumbfounded by the simultaneous visual beauty of both citizenry and city.”

Full article>>

Now that the summer is coming to an end and autumn is knocking on our doors, it’s time to start planning for many cosy evenings. Why not escape and treat yourself and your partner or a friend to the opera? Here are some ideas on what to do, from the gayfriendly Hilton Hotel in Stockholm – one of the partners in the Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network.

Hilton Stockholm Slussen has collaborated with different outlets before and we have always found that it’s been hugely appreciated. So this autumn we are really excited about the work we are doing with the Royal Opera, which by the way has been our national stage since the first performance there on the 18th of January 1773.

So if you want to get a bit of culture when you are here we have these special packages that all include a 1-night stay in a Hilton Guest Room at Hilton Stockholm Slussen, as well as buffet breakfast, 2-course dinner at Eken Bar & Matsal and an opera ticket.                                                                     

As we are sure you are all aware, you can find us on the island of Södermalm which is the perfect place to stay when you are visiting our beautiful capital as it is within walking distance of all the tourist attractions and ferries if you fancy a trip out to the stunning archipelago. It is also right in the middle of all the trendy bars and restaurants so whatever it is you have an urge for, you can find it. If you haven’t sampled any of our Swedish specialities we can recommend a visit to our restaurant Eken Matsal where you can try out the local cuisine.

We’ve listed the different productions and dates below so you can see what there is to choose from:

Listen to the tale of the beautiful Carmen, who works in a cigarette factory in Seville. Don José listens to her sing of love and becomes fascinated by her, but she also has eyes for Escamillo, a glamorous bullfighter. Music composed by George Bizet. Performances on 29th September, 6th, 8th, 15th and 28th October 2011

Special Offer Dates: Sep. 29, 2011 – Oct. 30, 2011

The Marriage of Figaro
Based on the banned play by Beaumarchais, Mozart and Da Ponte, The Marriage of Figaro was opera’s first psychological comedy, a story with many twists and turns, it is often referred to as ‘the opera of operas’. Performance on 3rd and 9th September 2011.

Special Offer Dates: Sep. 03, 2011 – Sep. 10, 2011

Altro Canto Sync
Originally created for the Washington Ballet in 1996, SYNC has been successfully performed in worldwide. Short for synchronisation, syncopation and ”to be in sync” it was created for the piece Salgari by the Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi. Performances on 14th, 30th September, 7th and 20th October 2011.

Special Offer Dates: Sep. 14, 2011 – Oct. 21, 2011

Swan Lake
The most famous of all ballets, it tells the story of Prince Siegfried’s love for the Swan Queen, Odette, and their battle against the evil magician, Rothbart, set to Tchaikovsky’s magnificent score. Performances on 8th, 10th and 16th September 2011.

 Special Offer Dates: Sep. 08, 2011 – Sep. 17, 2011

Youth, life in the big city, poverty, hope, love – Giacomo Puccini composed his story about the Parisian Bohemians in 1896, but the story still feels compelling, strong and relevant. Performances on 23rd and 31st August and 13th, 17th and 19th September.

Special Offer Dates: Sep. 17, 2011 – Sep. 18, 2011

Read more and book the offers>>

Gay Stockholm, Mälarpaviljongen 

It’s still summer in Stockholm and one of the best places to enjoy the warm summer nights is at Mälarpaviljongen.

Overlooking Lake Mälaren this is a cosy, green haven where you can chill out over a glass of wine, lovely lunch or why not just enjoy a coffee & cake after a pleasant walk along Norr Mälarstrand Promenade?

This is the place if you are looking for an atmospheric, cozy local restaurant and high-spirited bar with great music and people. It also happens to one of the hottest LGBT spots in town!

Fridays: Club Before at Mälarpaviljongen
Saturdays: Club Boyz & Boyz at Mälarpaviljongen

Photos by Andre Landeros Michel

gay stockholm; stucco: Stockholm gay & Lesbian Network 

The ornamental sculptor Axel Notini’s apartment in Stockholm is a fine example of a wealthy middle-class home at the end of the 19th century.

Axel Notini was one of the foremost stucco craftsmen in Stockholm during the latter part of the 19th century. The house that he built for himself is richly decorated with ornamental plasterwork both inside and out. He used to invite prospective customers to visit him at home so that he could show off his skills.

Stockholm Gay; Magnus Lindbergh; Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network; City Museum Stockholm

gay stockholm; stucco: Stockholm gay & Lesbian Network

The plasterwork has been restored to its original condition and his dwelling has been furnished in a style typical of his class at the time. Visitors can see what a drawing room, gentleman’s study and master bedroom might look like in an upper-middle class apartment. 

gay stockholm; stucco: Stockholm gay & Lesbian Network

gay stockholm; stucco: Stockholm gay & Lesbian Network

Guided tours can be booked all year.

Read more at the Stockholm City Museum>>

Address: David Bagares gata 10
Metro: Östermalms torg

All pictures by Andre Landeros Michel

stockholm pride, gay stockholm, lesbian stockholm, pride parade, stockholm gay and lesbian network

Jo Webber was here for the Stockholm Pride. Read her fantastic article on Stockholm at When Sally Met Sally.

“The night before the march itself (alarm set for a healthy, non-bleary eyed 1pm kickoff on Saturday), we went to girls club Clustret billed as ‘a popular party for the hottest girls in town’. Didn’t it just live up to that reputation! For a city one eighth the population of London, the venue made the Candy Bar seem like an annex to the main room, as wild throngs of (mostly tall, mostly blonde, mostly friendly) girls gyrated against one another. They went especially bonkers when sexy Swedish cover band Beastie Girls (see below) sauntered on stage rip roaring through an enchanting set.”

The history of Vasa is a history of many men. The king who ordered the ship, the ship builder and most of the people who build and later rescued her were mostly men.  But what if that story contains more? What happens if you look at the story of Vasa in a different way?

Last year during the Pride, The Vasa Musuem presented a quite different tour, where focus were on the women who went to war. It was forbidden but several women tried to take part in war as soldiers, dressed as men. Their life onboard of a war ship was very hard constantly hiding their true identity. Many of them got caught!

In the autumn 2011 the Vasa Museum presents a series of lectures with focus on the women around Vasa throughout her history. It was a woman who sold the Swedish timber to the ship yard.

When Vasa sank the widow of the ship builder had taken over her husband’s business. There was a female journalist that wanted to write about the excavation of Vasa, but she was stopped and a man wrote the story instead.

Find out more about the different lectures here>> 

Today the Stockholm Culture Festival starts! The cultural life in Stockholm will explode during this week. More than 600 shows performed by 250 artists from all over the globe will be crammed into six days with free admission to 99% of the program.

Read more about the Stockholm Culture Festival>>

Become a fan on our Facebook page and look at pictures from the wonderful pride parade 2011.

Photos by Andre Landeros Michel

It’s fashion week in Stockholm, and we love it!

Fashion week’s main focus is to attract the international fashion community such as the press and fashion buyers to get a closer look at the Swedish fashion scene. I went to see the Nhu Duong show at Berns yesterday. It was absolutely beautiful!

Stockholm Fashion Week

Do not miss tonight’s big fashion event – Fashion Night. A collection of Sweden’s foremost designers and brands, plus over 20 stores invite you to come and check out the trends for the fall, mingle and get discounts and exclusive offers. On the Norrmalmstorg square they will be streaming shows from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm. August 11th, 2011, 17:00 – 23:00.

Rainbow flags everywhere! 
We love that during Stockholm Pride rainbow flags were flying high all over the city. Have a look at three of our fantastic partner hotels.

Sheraton Hotel


gay friendly hotel stockholm

Rica Hotel Kungsgatan

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