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Stockholm is a fantastic blend of extremes. 6 months ago it was freezing dark with smell of gingerbread, Swedish hot wine and Christmas trees. Now it is hot hot hot, and the smell of sunshine is everywhere! Even though I work for one of the biggest bus companies in Stockholm I take my bike through town, and this morning checked out the boats going to the archipelago (30 000 islands, I have still barely visited 1%…) and enjoyed the flourishing docks with people, restaurants and of course everything from steam ships to sightseeing boats. Most boats go from Nybroviken, outside the gay friendly Grand Hôtel and the dock at the City Hall and you should not miss the view from the waterfront.

We keep using the expression “building bridges” whenever people are about to get closer to one another, but is it not an even better idea to “go boat cruising” with a much better opportunity to really get to know other persons? What could be better than enjoying a 3 hour brunch cruise through the archipelago, enjoy your company, the view and the food and then when the tour is find yourself satisfied with new experiences and stronger relations?

Well, biking through the city would not be the same if there had not been a great deal of bridge building going on in Stockholm though…

Tonight I’ll go with my crew to Gröna Lund for some pentathlon. I hope one of the events will be sniping since I am probably the best sniper pacifist in town. If I loose I’ll blame the fabulous summer evening sun for disturbing me.

By Oscar at Strömma, one of the partners of Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network.


Thank you for a fantastic party at Mälarpaviljongen tonight. Lots and lots of sunshine and beautiful people. In the picture you see football player Anton Hysén and Aaron Hicklin, the editor in chief for Out Magazine.

“As well as the big city bustle of cool bars and restaurants, Sweden’s capital embraces nature during the long sunny summer days.” – Stephen Whitlock, Condé Nast Traveller July/2011. 

There’s a great article about Stockholm in the July issue of Conde Nast Traveller UK. We are very proud that many of our partners in the Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network are featured in the article – Berns Hotel, Hotel Skeppsholmen, The Woodland Cemetery, Millesgården, The Hallwyl Museum and a boat tour to Drottningholm by Strömma.


Stockholm Pride, Gay Stockholm, lesbian stockholm

In recent years, Stockholm has become a favourite destination of the tourist in search of the latest trends, culture, fashion, design, music, entertainment, good food and relaxing atmospheres. The city has also become a favourite spot for gays and lesbians who want more than just a neighbourhood with gay-friendly bars. Some people say that if there was ever a capital city designed by gay people for gay people to enjoy, Stockholm would be it!

The Stockholm Card

We want you to experience the most during your stay in Stockholm, so check out the Stockholm Card!

The card provides free admission to a large number of museums and other venues, free public transport and discounts in lots of stores. The Stockholm card is valid for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days from the first time you use it.

If you buy it online you will receive a 10% discount. When making a purchase please use this link, The Stockholm Card. Discount code: rainbowoffer.

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Perhaps the most characteristically Swedish tradition of all is the Midsummer celebration, celebrated on June 24, the longest day of the year when the sky never goes dark.
Most Stockholmers leave for the archipelago or the countryside during the weekend, but those who stay behind have options too.

Skansen, the world’s oldest open-air museum, holds a grand Midsummers celebration with dancing and games to Swedish folk music around the maypole, decorated with flowers and leaves. Many participants wear traditional folk costumes and wreaths of flowers in their hair. Midsummer is celebrated outdoors in similar fashion at locations throughout Sweden. A traditional midsummer meal includes herring, fresh potatoes, beer and snaps. As this is a major national holiday many places in Stockholm are closed on Midsummer Eve and -Day (June 24-25).

Miss Inga; Gay Stockholm

Celebrate midsummer with Miss Inga at Bistro Berns in central Stockholm!
The festivities starts at 11AM, with the decoration of the maypole. Your hostess, guiding you through the festivities, is the artist Miss Inga. At Bistro Berns you can enjoy the midsummer menu from noon on. Don’t miss to book your table by calling +468-566 325 15

The outdoor party goes on until 10PM and continues at Berns Terrace and nightclub with dancing and dj sets all night.

For more partys check out QX Gay Map>>

Gay Stockholm, Mälarpaviljongen

One of the best places to enjoy the summer season in Stockholm is at Mälarpaviljongen.

Overlooking Lake Mälaren this is a cosy, green haven where you can chill out over a glass of wine, lovely lunch or why not just enjoy a coffee & cake after a pleasant walk along Norr Mälarstrand Promenade?

This is the place if you are looking for an atmospheric, cozy local restaurant and high-spirited bar with great music and people. It also happens to one of the hottest LGBT spots in town!

gay stockholm, mälarpaviljongen


Wan’t to dine like a true queen? Then now’s your chance!

It’s been almost a year since the Royal Wedding of T.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. To celebrate this lovely occasion the Operakällaren restaurant is offering the four course wedding dinner menu from last year. Since 1961 Operakällaren has been responsible for all for dinners and banquets at the Royal Palace. The Royal Wedding attracted some 500.000 spectators to Stockholm on the actual wedding day. However only around 500 guests got to enjoy the actual dinner in the Royal Palace.

Menu – Royal Wedding 19 June 2010
Langoustine tail from the west coast served with truffle caviar, lemon marinated cod in flowers with cucumber jelly and cold green peas soup with Kalix whitefish roe
Landö char served with fresh herbs, poached quail egg, green asparagus, beetroots, nettles and wild garlic from Stenhuse Farm
Swedish fillet of veal a roasted shallot crust, potato and “Allerum präst” cheese gratin, tomato terrine, thyme scented carrots wrapped in white cabbage flooded with a tarragon sauce
Strawberry mousse with a rhubarb center accompanied with a vanilla and white chocolate ice cream
Honduras cup of excellence, served with pastry delicacies

Price: 1300 Sek menu only, 2195 Sek including wines.

My name is Martin Blix and I am a proud gay man living in Stockholm. I have been working for Sheraton Stockholm Hotel for 14 years now. My parents have been very supportive since I had my coming out process, and at my work this has never been an issue.

I have a French boyfriend since 9 months and he is so surprised that we can kiss in the streets and holding hands without people taking notice.

I am also a member of a band called Domenicer. We released a single called Bög, Mamma, Kines (Gay, Mama, Chinese) last year, that became an instant hit. We had 200 000 views on youtube before it got censored (probably for the gay parts in the video). But MSN still shows it, and you can see it here. The big English gay paper Gay Times UK did a spread about us, a big surprise for us, due to that we sing in Swedish.

I was a bit afraid what the management at Sheraton would say about the video when it was released, but even our GM thought that the video was funny.

One of my co workers did not feel comfortable as a man and discover that he actually was a woman. All of us a Sheraton Stockholm supported her thru her process to become a woman. I am so proud to work at a Hotel and live in a town where everybody is equal.

If you come to Stockholm, stay at my Hotel and book our “rainbow offer” I gladly answer your questions at our Facebook page We will take care of you and will make sure you will have a 5-star visit if you chose to stay with us.


Boy George Stockholm, Gay Stockholm

Last weekend I was at a party where I met Boy George. He had only good things to say about Stockholm, and he has been here several times.

Welcome to my hometown – LGBT friendly Stockholm!

Since the interest in winning a lesbian weekend city break to Stockholm has been so big, we decided to run the competition a little longer. Last date to enter the competition is June 20th.

Stockholm's Leading Ladies; lesbian Stockholm; stockholm gay & Lesbian network; gay stockholm; competition

Finally the David Fincher version of the film “the Girl with the dragon tattoo” has got its release date, 21st of December.


Did you know that Gay friendly Sheraton Stockholm Hotel has a Millennium package with a guidebook and a map so you can follow in Lisbeth Salander’s footsteps.
Learn more about it here. If you want something more romantic you should book one of the “Rainbowpackages“.

Sheraton Stockholm has a long story with LGBT staff and has concierges that have special knowledge in what to do and explore as a LGBT person in Stockholm.

If you “like” us at I will happily assist you. My name is Martin Blix and has lived as a gay man in Stockholm all my 38 year old life. I work as Online Marketing exec. and among lots of things I answer your questions on Facebook.

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