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One of the new hot LGBT clubs this summer is La Roche at the outdoor terrace at fashionable Café Opera. When Café Opera opened up in 1980 as a brasserie with nightclub and casino, it immediately became one of the most famous clubs in the country and has remained so. Among the guests are royalties as well as international stars and celebrities.

La Roche, every Sunday from 10 pm to 3 am. Visit QX GayMap for more information about the LGBT nightlife in Stockholm.

We want you to get the best out of your visit to Stockholm. Therefore we made two new guides to our LGBT friendly city – the Gay Guide to Stockholm and the Lesbian Guide to Stockholm. Read about what places to visit, where to stay, where to go clubbing, where to eat and much more! 


Last night at the fashionable Café Opera, Stockholm Pride finally announced this year’s Pride song, dogtag and the festival programme.

The dogtag is an accessory you get when buying the festival pass. This year the dogtag is a scarf made by designer Sofia Priftis. Lovely!

The pride song 2010 is called Secret Weapon, performed by Ankie Bagger and Peter Gustafson, mostly known for being the gay farmer in the Swedish version of Farmer want’s a wife. Listen to the song>>

Get the the whole Stockholm Pride programme here>>


“Enjoy a free cocktail drink and entrance to the nightclub 2.35:1 when staying at Berns Hotel during Friday and Saturday nights.” Go to offer>>

For more offers go to RAINBOW OFFERS.

If you like ABBA, this is really something for you! The ABBA Guide to Stockholm is the first book of its kind, taking you to a selection of more than 60 important ABBA places in and around Stockholm. ABBA used their home town regularly as a backdrop for their record covers, music videos and dozens of photo-shoots.

Find out where Benny and Frida got engaged, where scenes from ABBA: The Movie were filmed or where the famous park bench photo was taken. See where ABBA recorded their world-wide selling music, and where Benny more recently re-recorded the Mamma Mia! movie soundtrack.

The book has been compiled by long-term ABBA expert Sara Russell.

The book is also released as a German edition.
Das Buch ist auch auf Deutsch erhältlich:
“Der ABBA-Reiseführer nach Deutschland”

What would summer in Stockholm be without this festive and popular celebration of LGBT culture? We are counting the days until Stockholm Pride starts – only 50 days left! The festival takes place the 26th of July – the 1st of August.

During the Pride festival Stockholm turns into a free zone for the LGBT-community, painting the city in the colours of the rainbow flag. Since it was first held in 1998, Stockholm Pride has grown to become Stockholm’s largest annual festivals, as well as the largest Pride celebration in Scandinavia.

The Pride festival culminates in the annual Stockholm Pride parade with about 50,000 participants and more than 500,000 spectators who gather to watch the procession of Viking Bears, Stockholm Queer Volleyball Team, gay policemen… you name it!

We’ll be there, will you?

For tickets and more information about Stockholm Pride, please visit Stockholm Pride.

Stockholm is widely celebrated as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, built where lake meets sea, on fourteen islands, with ten centuries of history and culture.

Another quality that makes Stockholm so special is this modern, fashion savvy city’s ability to live on nature’s terms. Vast green areas don’t just surround the city, they permeate it. Few other places let you experience the pleasures and allures of nature, urban sophistication and cultural history, all in one single day. Stockholm has also been designated the first ever European Green Capital in 2010.

Come and experience this unique quality of life in Stockholm!

ILGA-Europe, the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association has named Sweden as Europe’s most pro-gay country.

The new edition of the group’s “Rainbow Europe Country Index” says Sweden is the only European nation that passes all the group’s tests in areas such as anti-discrimination protections, recognition of same-sex partnerships and parenting, hate-crime and hate-speech laws, and equal age-of-consent laws.

“Our congratulations to Sweden for making sure its legislation and practices are fully inclusive and respectful of human rights of LGB people,” said ILGA-Europe board chair Martin K.I. Christensen.

Rounding out the top five highest-ranked were Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and Spain.

View the entire report>>

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